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Created on the 30th of April 2012 by me, Phil Churchill, Scale World aimed to produce colour charts for the modelling hobby that were as accurate as possible whilst also being easy to use. The next step was to create a chart for modellers who suffer from colour blindness.


All the colour charts are accessible via the Paint Charts page, you simply click on the heading of the chart you wish to view and then click on the charts to zoom in to read it.


After buying a second hand kit with no instructions and finding it hard to find a readable instruction book on the internet I started scanning all the instructions from every kit I buy and uploading them on here so that it will slowly build into a great reference library over time. I also started putting scans of the decals on here so you can see what they should look like if yours are missing.


Instructions are grouped by manufacturer and Airfix is further split by series. If you're not sure what Airfix series numbers are they're the first two digits of the kit's code, therefore A01002 is a series 1 kit, A02003 is series 2 and so on.

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